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 about us 

Awakening Arts are a community arts organisation dedicated to working with people from across our community; Exploring human experience through dance, creative writing and art; Transforming personal stories into powerful, poignant works of art.


we are one

We create a space to connect with your inner life and we bring people together


we are creative

We work fluidly across a diverse range of art forms to support self and communal expression


we are a community

We build friendships and community across Calderdale and beyond

Nice to meet you


Natalie Speake

Natalie is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She specialises in making creative dance and expressive movement possible and joyful for ordinary non-dance mortals. She expertly uses movement as a way to connect with and physically express our inner world.

Natalie has 10 years' experience of delivering powerful and transformative project work within the community.

Natalie's delicate and skilful guidance of movement and physical expression offer everyone involved a powerful and meaningful way of accessing self expression through movement.

Kaye Martindale

Kaye is a visual artist with a passion for poetry. She specialises in using creative writing and drawing to explore our human experience from a fresh and profound perspective.

Kaye started facilitating art groups for people with mental health problems 10 years ago and has since worked on a wide range of national and international art projects.

Kaye's enthusiasm for creating words and imagery in a experimental and spontaneous way leads people into authentic and surprising creative territory.

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